E-Commerce platforms have evolved significantly in recent years and solutions such as cms Magento now include advanced features that significantly improve business management.

Having the ability to maintain websites of all dimensions, Magento 2 modules can help you penetrate every market and industry. As Magento Plugins, Magento 2 extensions are ready to use and will help you earn extra profit.

Magento is constantly improving and more and more e-retailers are choosing this Magento 2 version to develop their online store. In order to optimize its Magento e-commerce platform, it is often wise to take an interest in the extensions available on the new MarketPlace Magento 2.

Since the V2 is a recent version, Magento extensions known under Magento 1 are gradually available for the new Magento 2 platform, thanks to Boost My Shop’s team.

boostmyshop magento extensions
To help you sort out and find your happiness on the MarketPlace, we have carried out a meticulous search to offer you our list of Best magento 2 extensions for eCommerce.


Embedded ERP for Magento 2 extension

extension erp magento 2
ERP is for Inventory Management (as a WMS software including multiple warehouses, barcode reading) , order preparation and purchase orders.

Integrated directly on the E-commerce platform, this plugin avoids the risks related to synchronization (loss of data, cutoff of the link …)
Erp usually requires a more ‘light’ architecture
This Magento module minimizes integration costs (even if it requires training and advanced settings …)
Thanks to dashboards you can analyse sales, products and customer with a CRM approach

You can complete this tool with a business intelligence solution such as Smart Price which can be plugged into the E-commerce database to allow the setting up of dashboards and indicators, repricing, analysis …

Smart Price Magento 2 app

The term « repricer » highlights the fact that with this type of repricing software merchant and competitor prices are updated much more frequently than they are when a manual pricing process is in place.

smart price amazon tracker Magento 2
Indeed, our Smart Price repricer supports not only the calculation of prices, but also their publication on multiple channels (track Amazon prices, Rakuten, Play.com, etc… and even track google shopping prices).

It has the advantage of allowing distributors to offer prices much more aligned with market conditions almost in real time, while reducing the time and labor required to continuously monitor the prices of the competition.

Repricing : after tracking competition prices, Smart Price is able to make auto price adjustment, and save you time to improve your business doing something else.

Furthermore, it can be configured with informations such as amazon commission or your margin costs : unless you want to, you’ll always avoid loss leader selling.

Amazon Magento 2 Extension

amazon connector to magento 2
This amazon Magento 2 plugin connects your Magento ecommerce to your Amazon seller account. It’s quite simple : every products, prices and stocks and even customer orders are automatically uploaded into Magento 2.

This magento 2 module allows you to match your items using the UPC / EAN code : save precious time when inventorying your products on Amazon Marketplace !

Stock & Prices Updates are automatically synchronized from Magento 2 to Amazon and Amazon Order instantly Imported in Magento. To sum up : every Amazon information is downloaded in Magento 2.

Point Of Sales extension for Magento 2

Pos Point of sales magento 2
Magento 2 Pos can turn any mobile device (tablet, smartphone, computer) into a complete point of sale system ! Turn your physical store into an ePos linked to your online shop..
This magento 2 module allows merchants to synchronize, in a few clicks, their activity on an online website.

  • Step 1 : You can find a product using its information or scan the barcode.
  • Step 2 : It’s immediately added to a customer order
  • Step 3 : You can choose to automatically print a bill

As a usual POS, it can support Multi-payment system : payment allowed with different payment methods

Get accurate POS sales data : follow live sales per till, per store or per user and configure multi-user, multi-site, even different prices depending on the customer.

ERP Drop Shipping plugin for Magento 2

dropshipping extension for magento 2
This magento 2 plugin works with Embedded ERP Magento 2

The dropshipping magento 2 extension for embedded erp allows you to list your available and sellable items. Coupled with embedded erp, it can directly send orders from the supplier to the customer.
You can manage several suppliers for the same product : it can automatically choose the cheapest, your favorite and even exclude one ! Watch the supplier’s stock level, and if he can’t process your request, you can switch supplier.

After setting up with the supplier, it’s possible to readjust information such as the latest buying price, the tracking number and shipping cost. The magento plugin directly send an email for the customer containing tracking number information.


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