The Align-TREX Team.


Who is The Aligne-Trex ? is one of the largest retailers in model helicopters, drones and FPV racing quads in Europe. Company was founded in September 2009 and is part of which is owned by R&K Enterprise Ltd, founded in 2005.

We pride ourselves on customer service, price and availability. Our aim is not to make a quick profit, but to follow hobbyist’s around Europe to enjoy what they love most, flying, learning, and being able to continue with their hobby after unfortunate breakages and crashes.

We hold the majority of stock either in house ready to ship or have readily available stock from our wholesalers who are just a day away.

Our interest in Helicopters grew from a hobby to a business as we discovered and started believing in the products. We sell what we believe in, we fly what we sell.




Which BoostMyShop software do you use?

BoostMyShop’s Embedded ERP has been selected to manage our inventory, purchase orders, and all aspects of packing validation as well as stock control for orders and customers. This in turn provides confidence to our website and drives sales as customers can see both if we have the items in stock and if not when they are coming into stock. Management of back orders is absolute life saver, providing customers confidence of fulfillment.

We needed proper control of both incoming orders, stock availability showing live online and very importantly manage our purchase orders and back orders, a difficulty topic when you 11,000 products and 45,000 items in stock.



What is your overall evaluation of BoostMyShop?

BoostMyShop’s Technical Support is helpful at times, could improve at certain times, in an overall good. We would recommend their service and ability to be able to answer the question at hand.


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