Considering the emerging success of our repricing tools, we decided to create a new website only dedicated to your pricing strategy & repricing,


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Defining a competitive pricing strategy is one of the most important part of an eCommerce. It’s how you will earn money : Apply margins, knowing what price for one product, considering competition’s price, monitor price… Every information you need very quickly, because prices are always changing.
Pricinglab is the perfect solution to build an effective pricing strategy thanks to the innovative use of data to generate sales and our first-class customer service so you can position yourself on the market.


Why ?

In recent years, for e-commerce, repricing has become more important to stay competitive.
If you sell on marketplaces you certainly face competition and being buy box winner is a daily challenge. Actually it’s a instant challenge : it seems that sellers are using different real-time pricing tools to have the cheapest price and win the price competition.

That’s why over the years, With our ecommerce knowledge and our web development expertise, we created competitive intelligence tools such as a repricing software for e commerce and multi channel sellers on BoostMyShop. So it was natural to fully dedicate ourselves to pricing strategies with this new platform, Pricinglab.


What is Pricinglab ?

Pricinglab is the new pricing website developed by Boostmyshop. Boostmyshop will stand as a magento extensions provider, while Pricinglab will exclusively be ruled by specialized developers on pricing strategies software. That’s why Pricinglab will not only be focused on Magento, but also on Prestashop and other CMS.


What is PricingLab’s specialty ?

This new website is completely dedicated to company’s pricing policy.
Pricinglab will provide a complete solution for sellers with our exclusive crawling technology : find in real time your competitor prices even on marketplaces, follow their price history and define auto price adjustments on yours.
Indeed, on Pricinglab you will find our Price Tracker, our price intelligence tool Carl and our last but not least Smart price, the strategic repricer which makes you win the competition while it takes care of your margin.


Pricinglab, the perfect partner of your strategy

Repricing is an important and huge field itself. Usually, with a common repricer you are not able to determinate any kind of pricing strategy. We developed complete softwares considering your unique company.
Our developers created pricing rules depending on your wishes, and if it doesn’t exist yet, our support creates your own company rules.

This PricingLab’s launching may let you wonder :

  • Do you want to fully take advantage of big data ?
  • Do you want an intelligence pricing tool working automatically for your company ?
  • Do you want to save time and earn money with a powerful and affordable pricing technology ?

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