Magento ERP 3.0 – The Most Fastest Magento ERP

Performance Improvement

  •  Improve compatibility with magento indexing
  •  Important performance improvement with indexing
  •  Improve performances in order preparation screen when it contains a lot of orders
  •  Improve performances for product reservation with a lot of pending orders

General features (V1.3)

  • – Add multiple website support
  • – Valid orders settings are now configurable by store view
  • – MPN support
  • – New option to use a magento attribute to store the shelf location

Purchase Features :

  •  PO reception entity + print
  •  Support attachment on Purchase orders & Purchase order receptions
  •  Add Dummy product on a PO
  •  Supplier credit memo management
  • Create history entries on attachment upload for Puchase Orders
  • Log username in PO history
  • Add payment terms in PO views

Supplier Features :

  •  Add supplier group support
  •  Add supplier default payment & shipping method
  •  Product packaging can now be configured by supplier (optionnal, based on configuration)
  •  Add payment terms in supplier views

Supply Need :

  •  Improve supply needs screen
  •  Add organizer in supply needs
  •  Highlight main supplier in supply needs

Stock Transfer :

  •  Improve transfers Features

UI modification :

  •  Improve transfers UI
  •  Improve UI for product availability statuses in admin panel
  •  Improve UI to configure product / supplier association details

Order preparation :

  •  Add new feature to change order status after packing

Various Fixes:

  •  Fix partial shipments for bundles in order preparation
  •  Fix packaging selection when adding product to PO
  •  Fix number of decimals in the product / supplier association
  •  Fix reservation issue for not valid orders
  •  Fix error on products grid refresh

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