Embedded ERP now includes PRICE TRACKER

Display your Competitor Prices in the Magento products grid!



See Also Some Major Fixes:

– Remove several rewrite to reduce the risk of conflicts with other extension (product grid, order grid, product view)

– Mass Stock Edit now fully compatible with latest Magento security patches

– Performance improvement on order cancellation

– Prevent crash if products are deleted

And some Minor Fixes:

– Fix url link in all sales order tab in erp product view

– Fix url link for product link from inventory

– Fix stock movement date

– Fix Product visibility preview on erp stock tab

– Fix crash in planning if store deleted

– Prevent planning crash if no product id

– Wrong variable used for planning calculation

– Fix date for stock movement created from a PO

– Hide import supply need button if PO is complete

– Fix missing function to recalculate costs from a PO

– Fix wrong constant name for picking list

– Support for event for orderpreparation models

– Fix on erpcron.php (depending of settings & include path)

– Add automatic reload mode on boostmycron.php

– Prevent crash if background task helper is empty

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