Your business is growing fastly and it is time to go for efficient management tools?

Setting up an ERP dedicated to eCommerce is affordable and will let you manage inventory, procurement or order preparation, and much more in a single environment. 


Boost My Shop’s Magento ERP


Cms Magento is basically designed to sell, not to manage stocks and orders : External software can be used to prepare orders for instance.
Fortunately, Magento is an open source eCommerce platform : it allows its users to customize magento basic features.
That’s how we created Embedded ERP : a complete Magento Erp system developed to easily manage your Magento eCommerce as a unique solution.


Embedded ERP Features


Embedded ERP is a complete Warehouse Management System Extension for Magento Ecommerce business.

No needs to synchronize anything : Erp is installed on the Magento Core.

See how Embedded Erp Magento will  help you to manage Logistic, purchases, stock and order preparation through 5 main erp functions :


    • Stock Management:
      Embedded ERP is designed to manage efficiently your inventory:
      Track your stock, stock movements, stock levels and low stock alerts, get a reliable stock management for one or several warehouses, handle barcode system


    • Purchase Management:
      With this ERP solution control supplier management process, centralize every purchase information and get smart reminder of your supply needs : stock and purchase price. Embedded Erp software is also able to manage supply orders through purchase order forms, merchandise reception, outstanding orders…


    • Order Preparation:
      Embedded ERP manages orders considering your stock levels. It’s powerful enough to handle mass order preparation, mass order fulfillment, mass invoicing, mass printing (picking packing lists,barcodes ,shipping labels)


    • Order Tracking:
      Verify if a product is available, schedule orders, get advanced availability settings, generate a delivery schedule for the client


    • Dashboards:
      Embedded ERP register useful data about your company and provides tables, charts, and graphs. Get rich analysis of your sales, products, customers, and suppliers : every precious information about your company’s performances.


Considering a company’s specific business requirements, we are constantly improving Embedded ERP with frequent releases and upgrade. We added 5 new complementary addons.


Erp addons : Custom Embedded ERP !


As the most complete Erp for Magento, Embedded Erp is powerful enough to manage different part of your Magento eCommerce.

Embedded ERP is ergonomic, fast and oriented towards modern eCommerce. Now you can improve it with additional ERP addons :


Supplier Return for Embedded Erp Magento makes you forget every troubles of a Return to Vendor !


Manage your 3pl (third party logistics) directly in Embedded Erp and linked to Magento : ease your logistic with every information available in one place


Manage your dropshipping process directly in Magento ERP ! In addition, get daily purchase price updates and choose cheapest supplier


Like Amazon, you’ll optimize your inventory with dynamic locations : chaotic storage ease your storage and order preparation.


Looking for a way to manage shelf life items ? Turn your stock into expiry date lots and sell in priority close expiration date ones !

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