With the recent Magento 2.2.x and 2.3.x versions, you may wonder if Embedded ERP – known as the most complete and most powerful ERP in Magento community- is compatible with this latest version. The answer is yes, it is ! Discover every improvement now.


EERP Supliers

Compatibility with Magento v-2.3.3
✓ Add supply needs statistics pop up, available from supply needs screen
✓ Product / Supplier association : Fix all boxes being auto. checked in product/supplier assocation grid
✓ Product / Supplier association : Allow to filter product/supplier grid on « associated » column only


EERP Purchase orders

✓ Correct filter for column « References » in purchase orders « Add products » tab
✓ Show MOQ in « Add products tab »
✓ Add cron option for purchase orders mass notification
✓ Add possibility to define discount % and product ETA in purchase orders import tab
✓ Fix error displaying text on the wrong page in purchase order PDF
✓ Remove empty values from purchase order export
✓ Get correct order total amount in supplier edition screen, orders tab
✓ Display orders amount in supplier currency in supplier edition screen, orders tab
✓ Supplier invoices: Correct error occuring in supplier invoice screen, when a new payment method is added


EERP Order preparation

✓ Improve wording in different places
✓ Correct incorrect quantity to ship on orders when « Change status after packing » option is enabled
✓ Improve Mass shipment & invoice performances
✓ Flush shipped orders action now only flush current user orders

Picking PDF
✓ Fix images in Picking list when « Large mode » is enabled
✓ Dont show gift message section in picking PDF if there is none

Packing screen
✓ Prevent modification of shipment weight once order have been packed.
✓ Parcel size is now definable in the Packing screen
✓ Package dimensions are now stored in Magento shipment
✓ Fix images in Packing screen when « Large mode » is enabled
✓ Support of multiple boxes in the packing screen

Shipping labels
✓ Prevent timeout error on Shipping label edition screen


EERP Advanced Stock

– Compatibility with Magento 2.3.3
– Warning & Ideal stock levels are now definable at warehouse level
– Correct figures in warehouse edition tabs (Orders to ship, SKU in stock)
– Correct Stock Helper export (Sales history column)
– Stock take : Improve stock take : automatic update of all expected quantity on the apply screen
– Correct supplier reports values

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