The Schmuckperlen Team.

Who is Schmuckperlen ?

Schmuckperlen is a wholesaler of high quality beads, jewelry findings, glass bead accessories and Murano glass beads and sells wholesale beads to high end jewelry designers and bead shops world wide. Glass beads handmade from the finest Murano glass to the highest quality standards will make your jewelry shine. Swarovski crystals and pearls add colorful fine craftsmanship to crystal jewelry designs. Our quality jewelry findings, jewelry tools, beads accessories, and Swarovski crystal beads will enable you to create jewelry, which pleases and sells…

Prior to Magento and BoostMyShop, we used another software that cost €8000. In addition a connector between it and Magento costs about €1990 plus annual maintenance fee. Worst of all is we had an unresponsive, exceedingly cumbersome system based on an ancient flat database system. Writing a purchase order was an act of gigantic proportions. Windows server 2003 had to be installed on a server with a cost of €3000 alone and a complete windows network maintained with all cost involved.



What is your overall evaluation of BoostMyShop?


With BoostMyShop tools, we reduced the number of people needed to process orders from 4 to 1!

Now everything including backups are on our web server. We have a lean system, that is responsive to the needs of a web store. We recently threw out the old server and 6 computers we no longer need.

I cannot even begin to think of the savings achieved.

From the business side we have been able to use fewer personnel and the system is more tolerant for personnel making mistakes as the system is not so time intensive.

Computer and network maintenance has been eliminated, because everything is on a linux server. Purchase orders are now easy to create. Orders take much less time to process.

BoostMyShop’s Technical Support has come a very long way. We have used BMS for over 3 years now. Our recent, and relative intensive support period has been in the last 2 weeks and we were very positively impressed with the support, in fact I was astounded.

The improvements made over the years have been tremendous if not incredible.


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