Point Of Sales For Magento can turn a mobile device or a PC into a complete cash register system.

This webpos synchronizes your store information with your magento store : find a product (with or without its barcode), manage multi-site multi-users and different prices, watch your purchase, and you can also handle multi payments.

Boost My Shop’s team constantly improves magento extensions, and Point Of Sales is one of the most important extension an eCommerce needs.

Check here new improvements for Point Of Sales Magento 2 :


Ship Later

  • The best way to manage store to web
  • Place an order in POS with mixed fulfilment mode : store pickup VS ship later
  • Ship the rest of the products later, for instance to manage backorders with Embedded ERP


Pos Point of sales magento 2 release

Pos Point of sales magento 2 release checkout

Cash drawer opening support


With this new feature, your employees need to enter the cash drawer opening value every day : this is then used to generate the Z-REport at the end of the day and calculate exactly what cash total should be in the cash drawer


Cash drawer opening support
Z report

Compatibility with ERP multi warehouses


Depending of your Embedded ERP warehouses configuration, POS will automatically retrieve the stock levels from the warehouse associated to the current Store



–  Fix undefined customer key error

 Fix layout in order view

 Reset customer information when selecting guest mode


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