Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) allows merchants to store their products directly to Amazon warehouses: then, when a product is sold, Amazon directly process the delivery.

Selling on Amazon with FBA brings significant advantages to online retailers:

Almost insurance to get the Buy Box Winner if your competitors process the expeditions themselves

Delays in deliveries guaranteed by Amazon which avoids negative comments from customers
Logistical constraints to manage less
The merchant guarantee protection against A-Z that are not applicable to products FBA

If you are e-shopping Magento, BoostMyShop lets you seamlessly integrate your e-commerce solution with the service Amazon FBA, through Amazon extensions for Magento Embedded ERP and that’s how it works.


Integrate your FBA inventory in Magento

One benefit of Embedded ERP is the multiple warehouses support : you can create two warehouses, one containing your own stocks and another dedicated to FBA inventory:


Then, for each Amazon FBA account, you can setup an automatic synchronization of FBA stocks to warehouse:


Import stocks in ERP Warehouse allows you much more than give you visibility into your FBA inventory in Magento. Importing also allows you to view a product in stock on your site when it is in stock in a FBA warehouse, even if you do not have it in stock in your warehouse !


This approach also allows you to manage your reorder points for FBA stocks and anticipate purchase orders.

Import FBA orders in Magento

When a FBA order is made on Amazon, it is automatically imported into Magento, without changing your stock levels but those associated to FBA warehouse. Imported orders will be charged and declared shipped, you can also choose the Magento store in which is was created.


Treat your Magento orders FBA

With routing rules managed by the ERP, your orders are automatically associated with the deposit that has the stock: if a command is affected  on FBA deposit, it will be automatically sent to Amazon for processing by FBA. Note that with this feature supports partial shipment, as part of a command can be sent from your own deposit, and a second part dealt with by FBA.
However, you can configure manual validation before sending the order.

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