Available since 2010, Magento Extension conflict by Boostmyshop was originally designed to help developers to fix conflicts between extensions.


7 years later, it includes a lot of additional features and is a must have for every Magento developers, let’s see how !

Magento conflicts

One of the greatest Magento feature is the ability for third-part extensions to change the behaviour of Magento : the best practice is to do it listening Magento events but it is not always possible to achieve the task this way, so many extension comes to rewrite the Magento classes to implement custom behaviour.

Class rewrite is not a bad approach in itself, however, if 2 extensions try to change the behaviour of the same magento class, then we get a conflict which can lead into dysfunction, bugs or unexpected behaviour.
Then, a conflict resolution must be applied by developer to fix the problems and ensure that both extensions run well.

Here comes Magento Extension Conflict (sic) helping developer in this task :

  • MEC lists all rewrites done by extensions on a Magento instance
  • MEC lists all conflicts between extensions
  • MEC give the technical solution to apply to fix the conflict
    manage conflicts between extensions


Then, developer just need to follow instructions to fix he conflict !

Events listeners

Events in Magento are used to trigger additionnal actions or modify Magento behaviour by third part extension and Magento it self.

Even if it is a robust and smart solution to plug custom code to Magento classes, it can result in unexpected behaviour as it is very difficult to control the dispatch of events.

Magento Extension Conflict provides a complete report of all events listened by Magento and our extensions to help developer to analyse behaviour OR implement new ones.


extension conflicts magento


Logs access

Magento framework provides tools to store logs on the server : however, a server access (FTP or SSH) is required to read the logs, which is not very handy and secure.
Moreover, merchants may not be willing to give such access to developer, for obvious security reasons

With Magento Extension Conflict, you can easily view any Magento log or Report directly from the admin panel :


logs and reports magento extension conflicts


Reports details

Magento Extension Conflict is also the solution to know what is hidden behind this well known Magento screen :

magento error extension conflict


At a glance, you can check the error message which raise this error:


error message Magento extension conflicts


Cron monitoring

Many extensions use Magento cron capability to perform actions on a regular basis : for instance, feed managers need to update stock & price data every minutes, so they use this mechanism to repeat an action on a regular frequency.

Magento logs the cron activity in the database, but it is not easy to access to the data if you dont have access to it.

Magento Extension Conflict brings cron execution details in the Magento Admin Panel, appending error message and execution time :
Cron monitoring magento extension conflicts


How to get it ?


>> Magento extension conflict is included in Embedded ERP, but you can also purchase it alone on Boostmyshop.com


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