Is it currently better to  begin with a Magento 1 eCommerce website instead of  a Magento 2 one ?

As announced by Magento itself,  Magento 1 support will end in November, 2018.

The latest Magento 2.1 release is now more complete and functional than it has ever been during the first release, in 2015.  What to do now? Develop (again) a Magento 1 website or consider a magento 2 migration?

More and more customers are now considering the second option. We noticed that seeing more and more of our Magento 1 customers downloading our Magento 2 extensions.


Magento 2 Vs Magento 1 : Evolution of Popularity

Indeed, we can notice a significant increase of Magento 2 users through the popularity of the research terms :

magento 2 users

According to this graphic, Magento 2 users have highly increased the last few months.


magento 1 users
Meanwhile, Magento 1 popularity is decreasing fast since 2016 end. This can be explained in most part by  the Magento 2 new popularity.


November 2018 – End of Magento 1  Support – What Happens Next

An eCommerce website lasts an average of two and a half years : if you want to start an online shop you need to be aware of which cms platform you’ll use for the next two years.

At the first Magento 2 release, Magento have announced  that their official support will end in 3 years.

That means  their official team will not extend any new Magento 1.x features  from november 2018, including security updates and Magento Patches usually released by the technical support team for the old Magento 1.x

So, after November 2018, if your webshop is still on Magento 1, you will be facing an higher risk to face some troubles such as malicious programs exploiting uncovered and unprotected gaps.


Does Magento 2 meet your merchant expectations :

When Magento 2 came out, it wasn’t so urgent to migrate. In fact, the new version had still a few bugs and many important features such as payment method  were  missing.

Only few Magento 2 Themes as well as Magento 2 Extensions were  available at the begin.
18 months later, following the latest 2.1 release, many bugs are now fixed and all essential Magento 2 features to run a business are available. Magento 2 Extension offer is now very extensive,  and most popular Magento 1 extensions are now also accessible on Magento 2.


Is Magento 2 the ultimate eCommerce CMS solution in 2017

Comparing Magento 1 vs Magento 2, appears that Magento 2 latest version is much more achieved using the latest technologies and still fully open source the ensure maximum flexibility and longevity

Considering the delay to achieve a Magento 2 Project between 6 month and more than a year, 2018 end coming, there is no point to consider Magento 1 anymore.

Web Agencies, FreeLancer, Off Shores Resources are now using  Magento 2 technology. Many live websites are launched every day meeting merchant expectation in term of performance.

Still not sure ? Thinking about moving to another CMS ? Well, think about it twice if you are already well established and running a successful business. Keep in mind that Magento is Open Source, not as SaaS based solution, so you can keep the control of your business.

More wondering? Contact us and tell us about your business we will advise you about what Magento can do (or not) for you.

Finally we think time is coming to start or move to Magento. We aren’t the only ones to think so : your competitors may have already thought about this.

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