With its large reach, its notoriety and the trust it has built with its many clients, Amazon is the number 1 sales platform to date. How can FBA help the sellers benefit from these factors?

What is FBA

FBA stands for «Fulfillment by Amazon». In other words, Amazon will take care of the management of orders of retailers and the returns of products thanks to the logistics centre of Amazon.

The advantages of FBA


Online merchants that use the FBA services will notice their sales increase on average by 30% compared to other sellers.

Furthermore, these products benefit from better visibility, the reassurance built by Amazon with clients, free shipping, fast and Premium (if the products are eligible) and finally a greater chance to get placed ahead on Buy Box.

You will no longer need to manage the returns, FBA is part of the customer service Amazon provides, and is taken care of in the language corresponding to the site.


The Magento FBA module by Boost My Shop


Boost My Shop is releasing Magento Amazon FBA, to provide sellers with the opportunity to utilise all the FBA functions directly via the Magento 1 interface.

Working in conjunction with the Amazon Magento extension, the module FBA allows sellers on Amazon to :

  • Implement several FBA accounts to sell in multiple countries, with personalized rules for the importation of orders, the update of stock and the identification of the store
  • Import FBA orders directly into Magento
  • Import the levels of FBA stock into Magento
  • Sell products on the Magento site, to be invoiced and taken care of by Amazon FBA, the seller may then follow the progress of the shipment thanks to the information collected on Amazon
  • Synchronise the delivered orders and invoice them without reducing the stock levels
  • Put in place a partia l delivery of the order (in the event that Amazon did not have enough products ordered)

magento amazon fba

Amazon Magento


Amazon Magento is an extension by Boost My Shop which creates the link between the Amazon account and the Magento interface of the seller.
All the information of the seller’s account is synchronised into Magento : the stock, the products, the price etc…

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Go further with live repricing on Smart Price


Smart Price allows you to monitor the prices of your competitors on their websites, on comparison sites and on market places. It adjusts your prices on those same channels whilst ensuring you still make a profit.
With the advanced repricing option Smart Price Plus, it is possible to reprice your products in less than 3 minutes on Amazon. Even if your competitors use a repricer, Smart Price Plus will adjust it faster as it is currently the fastest repricing solution on the market.

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