New Embedded ERP

  • New Carriers Integration


Embedded ERP integrates a complete solution for order preparation (Picking / Packing / Shipping) to optimize the productivity and reliability of your logistics with the use of USB bar code readers.

Embedded ERP natively integrates different carriers: UPS, So Colissimo, TNT, Chronopost, Fedex Embedded ERP now includes in addition:

USPS: USPS Compatibility with extension WebShopApp
PostNL: Compatibility with the official extension of PostNL
DPD: Export Data commands to the DPD website for printing labels

Find all the details of these integrations in : Documentation

  • Custom Label Printing

If you ship your packages using an independent carrier or a manual postage, then this feature allows you to print a shipping label with the delivery information for your customer. You just need to stick this label on the envelope or on the cardboard to complete your shipment.

The print size of the shipping label is fully customizable.

  • Export to the Xero software


The CarryTheOne connector that allows the export of accounting data to Magento Xero now incorporates data from Embedded ERP Vendors and Suppliers Orders are exported via this synchronization tool.

  • Advanced Status Management availability

The statutes of availability used to compile the necessary information to the message appeared on the availability of a product on the Magento site. The stock, the lead time and the date of delivery of supplier orders, are parameters to consider in order to display reliable information.

This new version allows you to manage the availability of statutes including the multi Magento site function. The export to Google Shopping also facilitated through the native integration of the statutes specific to the Google tool.

  • Integration of APIS

Embedded ERP is now natively provided with Magento APIS. These allow interaction with Embedded ERP functionality (Stock, Purchase, Order Preparation) from an external system.

  • Miscellaneous

New Dead Locks protection system compatible with Magento
Ability to create a cron job dedicated to Embedded ERP tasks
Ability to disable the Embedded ERP inventory management


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