What is the best ERP for your Magento 2 website? ERP options that are free but with limited functions can result in lost time and productivity. Externalized and complete ERP’s are attractive on the surface, but they do not necessarily meet the specific needs of an e-commerce business, not to mention that they are very expensive and complicated to implement.

An open-source ERP solution that is compatible with Magento 2 is a good option, but it requires a Magento 2 Connector.

That leaves one other choice. BoostMyShop’s ERP extension for Magento 2 will work without a connector and will include the full range of functions, plus the flexibility you need for efficient inventory management.

The Top 5 ERP functions for Magento 2:

  1. Stock management
  2. Purchase management
  3. Order preparation and transporter integration
  4. Barcode reader integration
  5. Performance reporting and analysis

Dropshipping and Cross-Docking are additional functions that are important for the multi-channel e-merchant.

Embedded ERP is an inventory and stock management solution recommended by more than 4000 Magento users across the world. The Embedded ERP has received a wealth of customer testimonials that praise it as one of the best solution available for Magento. BoostMyShop’s Embedded ERP is easy to use, efficient and completely integrated with Magento, to simplify the day-to-day management of an e-commerce website.

To respond to our customer’s needs, BoostMyShop will release the Embedded ERP for Mangeto 2 on March 2016. Get all of the popular functions of the Embedded ERP for Magento, now available for Magento 2.

Embedded ERP for Magento 2 will be available for download as of March 30, 2016.

If your subscription for the Magento 1 version is still active, you can download the Embedded ERP for Magento 2 for free!

New Magento 2: Embedded ERP for Magento 2 is made up of 3 independent extensions for increased flexibility.

Procurement Management : This is the solution par excellence for purchase and supplier management. From one easy-to-use interface, you can manage your product catalog and suppliers, track stock levels and supply needs and instantly create supply orders by PDF or email.

Order Preparation : The ideal tool to optimize your supply chain. Simply select your orders-to-fulfill, withdraw the products from your stock and instantly generate the invoices and shipping labels.

Inventory Management : Manage your stock efficiently in Magento 2. The multi-stock and multi-warehouse functions are now available for Magento 2. Developed to serve all online merchants, Multi and Omni-channel Inventory Management simplifies the management of physical stock (in a warehouse or store), as well as supplier stock.

If your Magento 2 e-commerce website does not require all of the functions available on the Embedded ERP for Magento 2, the extensions can also be used independently to serve your specific needs.

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