After introducing you our 5 first best magento 2 extensions, find here the last 5 :

ERP Inventory Magento 2 extension


erp inventory management magento 2
With this extension linked to Embedded ERP, you can handle multiple stocks and multiple warehouses.
Follow your inventory and every stock movements, analyze and track your ware and get helped with Stock replenishment.

Order Preparation Magento 2 plugin


Magento 2 order preparation
Ease the Pick / Pack and Ship orders process using a clear view of your orders with status

Order Preparation extension is able to simplify your order fulfilments thanks to the possibility to add shelf location to the picking list and export order information for the shipper.

Furthermore, this magento 2 plugin is compatible with barcode scanner so it reduces the product mismatch risk when order is prepared.

Procurement Management extension for Magento 2


supplier procurement Magento 2
This magento 2 module allows you to efficiently manage the supplying : suppliers, supply and orders. It is conceived to handle multiple providers, multiple stores. You can automate purchasing process, stock and order preparation.

You’ll have the possibility to manage stock : out-of-stock items, supply needs to fill client orders, low stock alerts… and restock if it’s required

Magento 2 Procurement extension can also match your products using barcode scan, and you can watch and compare provider’s prices for the same item and even choose several suppliers for the same product.

Barcode inventory plugin for Magento 2

barcode inventory for magento 2
Magento Inventory Management : optimize your stock with a better control of in or out of stock, print barcode label and product your own barcodes to easily track your stock. Barcode inventory is designed for every USB Barcode Scanners and you can choose different update inventory :

  • one barcode scan increase your stock by one
  • one barcode scan decrease your stock level by one
  • enter manually your stock level

Coupled with barcode label extension for magento 2, this plugin enables you to label and manage in or out of stocks.

Barcode Label Magento 2 app


barcode label magento2
Create and print your own customizable labels and barcodes with this magento 2 app. It makes it possible to directly attribute to your products a barcode number.
Barcode label is a useful tool to optimize the picking process. You can also print labels to show different prices in your physical shop.
This is the complete solution to create, print and scan. If you associate this plugin to our embedded erp or Barcode inventory, you can print labels and easily manage your stock.


Now you have all the keys to efficiently start your eCommerce with magento 2.


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