Embedded ERP for Magento 2 has been enhanced with this new 1.2.2 release : discover the new functionalities and fixes and start improving your warehouse management performances with this all new ERP !

Procurement Management

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Order Preparation

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Main Improvements

✓  Allow to perform a stock transfer from or to an empty warehouse

✓  Display organizers in order preparation and packing step

✓  Manage global discount in Purchase Order and supplier


Small Improvements & Bug fixes

✓  Add website column in erp products grid

✓  Fix fatal error when an ERP module is disabled

✓  Fix indexing status for children in erp view

✓  Fix incorrect namespace


ERP – Inventory Management

  •  Add website filter in stock take > add products
  •  Add Russian translation for advanced stock module
  •  Add website filter in stock take


ERP – Order Preparation

  •  Correct serialize function to prevent errors in order preparation
  •  Fix html tags in telephone on packing PDF
  •  Add datetime picker for ETA at product level
  •  Fix quantity to receive in erp product view


ERP – Procurement Management

  •  Fix Purchase Order PDF overflow
  •  Add website filter in add products tab in Purchase Order
  •  Add select all checkbox in add products tab
  •  Add margin percent in products tab
  •  Add supplier filter in products in transit grid
  •  Add supplier sku filter in grids
  •  Add verified flag at in Purchase Order
  •  Add supply needs summary in add products tab in Purchase Order
  •  Add product location in Purchase Order PDF and reception screen



Modules versions

  •  Erp 1.2.2
  •  AdvancedStock 1.1.2
  •  Availability Status 1.0.5
  •  Order Preparation 1.0.37
  •  Organizer 1.1.7
  •  Supplier 1.2.4
  •  Ultimate Report 1.0.3



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