Since the previous release of ERP 1.2.2, Embedded ERP for Magento 2 has been improved once more, to keep the title of the most complete ERP integrated in Magento. With the 1.2.6 version of Embedded ERP for Magento 2 comes a lot of new improvements and functions.

Features & Improvements

✓ New tab in order view, to check profits generated by the current orderProfit Margin details in order view

✓ New screen COGS with CSV export

COGS screen with export feature
✓ New colorized icon for ERP

icon menu COGS
✓ Add fulfillment method in warehouse view

warehouse view fulfillment method
✓ Add stock discrepancy check to identify products sellable that should not
✓ Add warehouse import command line
✓ Restore product in warehouse from credit memo
✓ Improve carrier template management


Small Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Fix missing comments in organizer view
  • Fix crash with new user for ultimate reports
  •  Fix search + paging in erp products view
  •  Remove « Back to magento view » button if user is not allowed
  •  Consider transfer store ID in PDF layout
  •  Prevent redirect to dashboard when printing stock transfer
  •  Prevent duplicate stock movements when asynchronous email are configured
  •  Fix – Stocktake PDF issue
  •  Remove notice Decrease Stock When Order is Placed
  •  Add website column in transfers
  •  Add barcode columns in transfer screens
  •  REstore is in stock when product comes back to stock
  •  Add product not sellable probe
  •  Add “is in stock” column in ERP product view
  •  Store report when importing stock level by command line
  •  Add website at warehouse level
  •  Add sales history in Purchase Order > Add products grid
  •  Add default mapping for order statuses
  •  Prevent crash if operator is not defined
  •  Prevent redirect to home page for PDF download buttons
  •  add missing translations in packing screen
  •  Prevent Unserialize error
  •  Prevent to save PDF on ftp server
  •  Add customer group in order preparation grids
  •  Fix supply delay in supply needs screen
  •  Fix store ID for PDF image
  •  Add website dropdown in Purchase Order view
  •  Prevent redirect to home page when printing Purchase Order
  •  Fix email template preview for Purchase Order email
  •  Add option to select delimiter for supplier import
  •  Prevent crash if sell price is not defined in Purchase Order> margin column
  •  Add event to modify add products grid in Purchase Order
  •  Prevent crash on Purchase Order reception is product is NOT associated to supplier
  •  Add product location in reception screen
  •  Add product location in Purchase Order PDF
  •  Fix js issue with add products mass action



Modules versions

– Erp 1.2.6
– AdvancedStock 1.1.9
– Availability Status 1.0.5
– Order Preparation 1.0.42
– Organizer 1.1.9
– Supplier 1.2.6
– Ultimate Report 1.0.6
– Margin 1.0.1


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