The Topvitamine Team.

Who is The HandleStore ? delivers natural supplements, vitamins, minerals and superfoods from the highest quality and the best international brands. For most of our portfolio we buy directly from the manufacturers, this enables us to deliver these products using very competitive prices.

Our mission is to bring very healthy supplements and superfoods to people. To enable this we are continuously looking to reach more people, both in our home country Benelux but also across Europe. We work completely Internet based to keep our cost levels as low as possible and to be able to offer very competitive prices. Through our Blog and monthly newsletter, we want to inform our customers on new developments happening around the supplements market.


Which BoostMyShop software do you use?

We have more than 100,000 customers therefore we came to a point where an ERP tool is not an option. BoostMyShop’s Embedded ERP has been selected along with “External Logistics” extension. 

« EmbeddedERP has helped us to dramatically simplify inventory management and procurement.

“External Logistics” has helped us to put the interface between our systems and our logistics service provider on a new more advanced level and is completely integrated into EmbeddedERP.


What is your overall evaluation of BoostMyShop?

We benefit an optimized inventory management, new procurement process and logistics capabilities. And we also manage product margins by capturing the weighted-average landed purchase cost on each purchase order (including currency conversion, customs and import costs, discounts, transport costs etc).

Based on our experiences with BoostMyShop technical support, they are fast and reliable.

Overall, we evaluate BoostMyShop at the highest rank.

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