Fastest Repricing solution on Amazon

Discover today how to Get the Buy Box with Smart Price +

What if i told you how to increase your benefits and sales with only one repricing system linked to both your website and your marketplace(s) ? You surely would like to know how it works…


How does it work ?

Because Boost my shop is an Amazon’s Partner we are automatically notified of each price change in the Amazon Back Office.

As soon as we get this precious price information,  Boost My Shop hosted and highly available servers instantly set the new selling price according to pricing rules and selling limits you have previously defined.

This new calculated price is uploaded to Amazon’s Back Office directly through  BoostMyShop’s  servers regardless of the Aggregator or Third-Party Flow Manager used. Smart Price + guarantees an optimized delay according to the bandwidth granted by Amazon.

Generally your products are updated in less than 4 minutes.
It’s hard to do less!

The Amazon Market Place for Sellers service allows a limited number of updates per seller account per hour. Our exclusive live repricing technology delivers the best bandwidth, with our servers running in real time!


Why is it so important to be the fastest ?

Only one place matters on the podium : the first one. On Amazon as well as on all others marketplaces, there is no place for the second! 82% of the sales are realized through Amazon’s Buy Box.

Only the Buy Box obtained by the algorithms of the marketplace matters. Best Prices, but also availability, delivery time, the seller evaluations are all the important criterias to get in this Buy Box. Daily competition between sellers imperatively requires to have the fastest technology to hope to win the Buy Box 1st place.

With Smart Price +, you are informed in real time of each price update in the Amazon’s BO. Instantly, Smart Price + will determine if you are able or not to offer a better pricing allowing you to get in the Buy Box (Decrease or Increase the price , optimum price calculation).

In less than 4 minutes your price is updated allowing you to benefit of the best place in the Buy Box.


What happens if i do not have a quick Repricing solution?

The risk of facing a lower number of products in the Buy Box : Your competitors certainly use an automated pricing solution.

If you update your prices manually or by batch, you’ll notice that in a few hours or even minutes the Buy Box could escapes you. You sells are decreasing dramatically.

Selling at Loss or Reduced Margin: As an example you update a product price, adjusting it to the lowest bid. A few minutes later, the offer you based your price on is no longer available.

You do not realize it and keep selling at the lowest price while Smart Price + would have raised your selling price in less than 4 minutes improving your margins and profitability.

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