Harry Mayman – The Wool Company  &  Olivier Zimmermann

Executive Report

Olivier : Who is The Wool Company?

Harry : The Wool Company is an ecommerce company born out of our passion for sharing the unique qualities and benefits of natural fibres. We are the largest online retailer of quality wool blankets in the UK and we also handle telephone and wholesale orders.

All of us at The Wool Company are fans of natural fibres and we strive to deliver the very highest quality in bedding and soft furnishings. We also have a broad range of very high quality cashmere pashminas and shawls that cannot readily be found elsewhere.

Quality and Service are our North and South and drive everything we do. Our aim is to be the go-to company for anyone who wants reliably high quality natural fibre soft furnishings and apparel.

As well as selling to retail customers online we supply a significant number of corporate customers. We are currently developing a wholesale website to enhance this service for our trade customers.


Olivier : How did you meet BoostMyShop?

Harry : I came across BoostMyShop (BMS) on Magento Connect and I have been following them with some interest for 5 years or more before committing to a significant purchase with them.


Olivier : Which BoostMyShop software do you use?

Harry : We use Embedded ERP and custom shipping software they developed for us, as well as a number of their other extensions.




Olivier : What problems have you solved?

Harry : BMS’s software allows us to handle all order fulfillment processes within Magento including generating Royal Mail labels and tracking and forwarding this to customers. Significantly we only have one database to worry about so we no longer have any worries about synchronizing between Magento’s inventory and any other inventory lists. We have saved significant cost and time. We have also used other extensions found on Magento Connect and elsewhere but in almost all cases have found that customer support was not at the level we needed.


Olivier : In what areas does BoostMyShop add the most value to your business?

Harry : BMS saves us time! We can now process orders about 10 times faster than previously so we can allocate HR to other more profitable and creative areas. Our Purchase Ordering is massively simplified and much faster and we now have the advantage of only needing to train the team on one system. We are also looking forward to the new reporting and stock-taking functionality that will be available after our upgrade next week.


Olivier : How easy was it to work with BoostMyShop, especially regarding services such as consulting, technical support, customizations?

Harry : I am an unqualified fan of BoostMyShop! I have to say that BMS support has been second-to-none and I am continually surprised and delighted by their level of expertise. Their response rate to any issues raised has always been better than satisfactory – usually within hours or even minutes. Their attitude is very « can-do » and they seem to be consistently interested in a long term relationship with us, more as a client than a customer.

When another Magento development company developed and then launched our new web site and it comprehensively crashed, effectively shutting us down for almost a week BoostMyShop were invaluable in helping us solve the critical problems caused by the other company. BMS were not contracted to do this but were nevertheless available to support us above and beyond the call of duty. They took our problems to heart and helped us through the crisis. For this I will always be grateful!


Olivier : What is your overall evaluation of BoostMyShop?

Harry : BMS’s support and overall service is consistently, reliably, superb. Olivier and his team are clearly a solid company who really seem to have their customers’ interests at heart. Regarding the quality of their code, although I am not technically proficient to judge this, by accounts of all the other developers I know whose opinions I respect, BoostMyShop’s code appears to be clean and well written and solid.

I am truly delighted to have found this company and am able to trust them completely with my business needs!


Olivier : Would you recommend BMS?

Harry : I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending BoostMyShop for custom work, for their Magento extensions and for their high quality support. If only more developer’s were like this!

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